God’s blessing

– When can God bless you?
– How is it that sometimes we pray for something and we receive no answer, and at other times God hears our requests?
– How is it that sometimes we hear the answer right away, and at other times when we expect nothing, He gives us what we need?

The above issues are an eternal mystery. People have always felt the need to turn to Someone in Heaven who is able to hear their pleas and requests. Or at least make it possible to go through life with the knowledge that there is Someone high above, whether you are at home, at work or on the road. Personally, I prefer to be aware that there is a God who directs the world and that He in­fluences everything that happens around us, rather than count on coincidences. Some believe in fortune or good luck, and I believe in God Almighty, our Father who is in Heaven and takes care of us. This is not just an assumption. I noticed an incredible regularity in situations in which I decided to fully trust God. I checked this personally. My request to God has always been heard. It was never left unanswered. The end to my requests is always the same – either I get what I ask for, or I get something better. It’s just a matter of time, even if it’s not the case at some point in the beginning.

And you, Brother or Sister? What do you think about it? Do you think you can turn to God for anything and get an answer? Or maybe you never tried? I would like to encourage you to talk to God. He hears us and sometimes responds, though not always according to our dreams. But how are we supposed to know how to pray effectively? The rule is simple: read the manual. After all, when adopting some rules in a game, buying a new item, enter­ing a new industry or learning science, we can count on receiving guidelines in the form of instructions, rules of conduct, a descrip­tion of necessary actions or a guidebook.

What could be such a guide for us? What is the real life guide and help in prayer? Has God left us some instructions? Of course, there are many interpretations on this subject, prepared by all sorts of churches or scholars, but for every Christian, the book on how to live and behave, which also describes what will soon happen in the world, should be the Holy Bible. This inspired Book will help us understand all the regularities of human existence, which God Himself is the author of. One of the Scriptures says, “The Lord’s eyes keep on roaming throughout the earth, looking for those whose hearts completely belong to Him, so that He may strongly support them” (2 Chronicles 16:9). Is this not the first, great news for us? If we assume that the Holy Bible is the inspired letter from God, then this passage brings good news: if you have a sincere heart toward Him, He watches over you, supports you in every situation – the difficult and the simple ones – protects you and takes care of you. Only can you see it? Have you ever given a chance to your Heavenly Father to reveal this to you? Probably multiple times, but you called it coincidence or accident. Yet in the Christian life there are no coincidences. So by was it? Was it really the supporting hand of God outstretched to you?

How often do you ask, “God, are you helping me? Where are you?” when all this time He is right next to you, so close, even though you do not always feel it. It is easier to look at all of God’s blessings as a realization of one’s own goals, which somewhere, someday – in some training or in a workshop you have planned for yourself, you have visually accomplished them, and now it’s fulfilled. Some scientists just say that if you set yourself a goal, you visualize it, you think about it day and night and strive for it, there will come a day when you will reach that goal. And is this not hap­pening? You dreamed of having this thing, the thing you wanted – the phone, the computer, the PSP, the car, the clothes… and sud­denly you got it! Your treasure, which may cause some people to envy you. It is true, such sentiments are prevalent in the world and usually we believe in them. This is because it is easier to believe in coincidence than in God’s care. Especially when we pray and pray, and the Heavens seem to respond only with dead silence.

In the Holy Bible, we have many examples of people for whom establishing a relationship with God was extremely important. King David called to God many times: “Pay attention to my cry for help, my king and my God, for unto you will I pray” (Psalm 5:2); “Hear my prayer, Lord, pay attention to my cry, and do not ignore my tears. I am an alien in your presence, a stranger just like my ancestors were” (Psalm 39:12); “So I say to the Lord, “You are my God; listen to my voice as I plead for mercy, Lord” (Psalm 140:7). The great news is that the biblical account says that David had always received answers. We can trust that our persevering prayer will also bring about a similar effect.

One time, an acquaintance of mine took a car ride with her family to visit relatives living in another town. The trip was peace­ful until they stopped at the side for a short break. When most of the people were busy, little Renata came out from behind the car directly in front of a speeding vehicle. The impact was so strong that the little girl flew a few meters into the air and fell, hitting her head on the asphalt. Shortly after, an ambulance arrived. The first-aid doctor listed a number of extensive injuries. The child was unconscious. During the whole event, the parents were desperate and frightened, but they entrusted this situation to God, calling on His name and praying for Renata. At the hospital they spent the night with her. In the morning when she regained consciousness … she felt quite well. After two days she left the hospital with only a few bruises on her body. The doctors could not believe that there were no major consequences of such a severe accident. Where did the injuries go? God only knows. The doctors themselves have de­scribed it as a miracle. Did this family have a sincere heart towards God? I believe so. “The Lord’s eyes keep on roaming throughout the earth, looking for those whose hearts completely belong to Him” (2 Chronicles 16:9).

Now imagine yourself in a similar situation. How would you behave? Would you find time to kneel and ask for the help of the Father in heavens? Can you trust Him and entrust the whole situation to Him? Trust that all those who save the life of your loved one, do so with devotion and as good as they can? Because God works with them? Of course, everything is in the hands of the Lord who sets our paths and influences our lives. The de­scribed situation could have been tragic. But that did not happen. Hearing such stories, we usually assume that in our case it would not end as well. Why? With God all is possible, just think – what kind of God do you know? What kind of God did your parents, educators and priests show to you? I want to show you the glo­rious Almighty Father, the One with whom life is a beautiful ad­venture and not suffering. I believe that God exists and can have a tremendous impact on our lives. We only have to fulfil some of God’s expectations. One of them is a sincere heart and trusting, persistent prayer.

Konrad, a young boy, had gone with his family over to the lake for swimming. The father at one point noticed that his son was nowhere to be found. They dived for about ten minutes in search for the kid. After a few further minutes they found him under water, began CPR, which lasted until the ambulance arrived and the doctor took over the rescue operation. In this case the family also gave their son into the hands of God. It turned out well. The boy regained consciousness. The doctor could not believe that the child was underwater for ten minutes. But for Jesus there is no impossible thing. In the Holy Bible we read many times how Jesus healed, raised from the dead, cured the sick. Is it possible today? Yes! But only after giving a sincere answer to the question: who is our Father? Is it the father of sin, Satan? Or maybe it is God Almighty? How sad and tragic it is that not everyone knows what power comes from God, and that the prayer addressed to Him can have a great influencing power.

How can we experience miracles in our lives? What may in­fluence the fact that some requests are being heard, while others are not? When my first child was about to be born, we lived in Stalowa Wola. We assumed we would have a girl. Whatever we did, was done with the conviction that a daughter would appear in our lives. We imagined the room in pink and not in blue. Choos­ing clothes, we aimed at skirts, not shorts. We thought about dolls more than about cars, and the name was already chosen – Julka. I remember how in the seventh month of pregnancy we went for an ultrasound exam to a gynaecologist. Then, thinking about the gender and the question we would ask the doctor, we expected the answer: it will be a baby girl. Unfortunately, we went to a public hospital. The doctor was not willing to tell us the sex of the child. He said he would invite us to his office in the evening and then tell us if it would be a boy or a girl (read: you pay me, I’ll tell you). We did not want to accept such a solution – we did not care too much anyway. From the very beginning we knew it would be a girl. Starting from the moment when I learned about Emilia’s pregnan­cy, I knelt in the morning and evening, asking my God to give us a daughter. And since I knew I was close to God (I felt it and tried to keep a bond with him), the matter seemed obvious to me. God will listen to my request and it will be nothing other than just the expected daughter. We had been living with these thoughts and prayers until the day of birth. Then it turned out that the baby did not want to come so quickly. The first day, second, third passed… Finally, on the fifth day after the scheduled date of childbirth, we went to our doctor for consultation.
At the end of the examination, the doctor added casually: “And if you want to know the sex of the baby…” There was silence, and already in my mind I heard his answer: that it would be a girl, but he unexpectedly finished: “…it will be a baby boy”.
I remember, I sat down in the waiting room and began to ask, “God, how is that? We had an agreement! I begged you! I thought we understood each other. Lord, where are you? You were sup­posed to be with me and support me!” It brought sad days for me. I did not know whether to cry or scream. God knew my plans, dreams, and all…

Looking back in time, this little boy, a gorgeous little boy, I would not swap for any daughter today. But in 2001, I had such thoughts and not others. Today I understand why this happened. I understood it after years of experience, reflection, observation, and histories quoted in the Holy Bible. The entire Bible is a col­lection of answers to many of our questions. All you have to do is reach for the Holy Book and start studying. Find out what is being described. The answers will come – some at once and some over time.

Do not think that the Scriptures are incomprehensible to you. Satan wants you to think so. Some will not be happy that you de­vote your time to reading the Bible. Satan will use many people around you to discourage you from studying the Scriptures. But you – do not give up. Start from the beginning; learn the history of the Earth and the universe. Get to know the secret truths that tell you that you are fighting a great war. A fight between good and evil, between truth and lies, between our merciful Father and the father of lies, which is Satan. It is Satan’s desire to discourage you from exploring the Scriptures – and thus to know the truth.
When my son Kuba was born, I could not understand it. I felt I was close to God, although perhaps my conduct did not confirm it. In fact, if I would like to summarize my relationship with God then, it was like the relationship of an untrustworthy fiancé with his fiancée, who says, “I love you”, but his daily behaviour is a quite different thing. I was close to the Church, close to the priests, but far from the truth – the teachings contained in the Holy Bible. By then I had been serving as an altar boy for fifteen years. I had been active in the Catholic Youth Association (CYA) for several years, and even served my time as a member of the diocesan administra­tion of CYA in the Diocese of Radom. Then I studied at the Cath­olic University of Lublin and joined the Academic Ministry. So you know that I was an active Christian. But what does that matter if I actually lived away from God? I can compare my attitude to that of the Pharisees, who served in the Israeli government – they functioned for function, and did not know God. This is not the behaviour that shows a good Christian. Then I did not know that. Jesus said, “So by their fruit you will know them” (Matthew 7:20), and also “If you love me, keep my commandments” (John 14:15). God expects our involvement, but according to His will contained in the Scriptures – and not ours. He expects us to preach the Gos­pel, but only as it is revealed in His Word. He wants us to apply the religious practices referred to in the Scriptures and not the ones that were established by people.

Over time, we decided to have a second child. Then, having convinced ourselves that this time we will receive our daughter, we did everything in that direction. Even my father-in-law gave me advice what to do to conceive a girl. The theories that we listened to would not fit in this book if I wanted to write them down. Yet, that was not the point. We had the conviction that we now have a better chance for a girl, supposing that since we already have a baby boy; it should now be a baby girl. But that’s not all! The most important thing for me was the fact that I brought my plea to God, and that time I believed like never before, that He would listen to me. After a few months we went for an examination. This time an­other doctor was in charge, who immediately stated that … it would be a boy. I was wrecked. How come? Have I not been sincere with God? It seemed to me that I was so close to Him – closer than any of my friends! But I did not know then that the relationship I had with Him was still not what it should have been.

A few days later, my friend told me:
“Listen, do not worry. The ultrasound examination may be wrong. The doctor’s words may not exactly be true. Often in the belly there is a girl, but the umbilical cord is so wrapped up that it looks like a penis and for the doctor then it feels like a baby boy. Anyway, do not worry! I know you are praying strongly for this purpose, so why would God not hear you? You will definitely have a baby girl.” Again, I became convinced that a girl would be born. In a short time I went to a friend and he said to me:
“Look, I’ve been to a fortune teller! She told me you would have another boy.”
I fell on my knees and said to God, “Lord, I know you are there. And I know that it is written that in such cases we should not seek the advice of anyone else but you.” Scriptures say, “You aren’t to listen to your prophets, your diviners, your dreamers, your sooth­sayers, and your sorcerers” (Jeremiah 27:9). “For this is what the Lord of the Heavenly Armies, the God of Israel, says: ‘Don’t let the prophets and diviners who are among you deceive you, and don’t listen to them when they tell you their dreams. Indeed, they’re prophesying lies to you in my name. I didn’t send them,’ declares the Lord” (Jeremiah 29:8-9). Therefore I kept praying, “Lord, now I want you to show everyone that you are different, please do this. Alas, we consider you to be the Almighty Father, and we send all our requests, needs and thanksgivings to You. That’s why even with more force I beg You; listen to my prayers for this purpose.” Such were my thoughts and such requests I sent to the Lord, being firm­ly convinced that He would listen to me.

The time came for birth. I was there, personally in the labour room, accompanying my wife. Finally came the grand moment. The doctor gave me the newborn, saying:
“You can be happy, you have a son!”

Today in hindsight I already know that the things that we be­lieve are good for us, in the eyes of the Lord may look quite differ­ently. Our plans are not necessarily God’s plans. What we do is not always supported by His blessing. Currently I have two sons and I’m glad that happened. I would also not exchange my second son for a baby girl. I feel very good with my sons. I needed a few years to understand this. The Lord had decided! He knew that having two sons, I would be very happy. I did not know that then.

Unfortunately, we cannot understand everything. I believe that for those questions I have not got an answer so far, I will definitely get one in Heaven when I face God. I’m going to ask Him why some things happened and others did not, and I believe that God will justify it. This is the base of all my trust in Him. If you want to know the answers to your questions, then try to meet Him. Be­come a child of God. And when it’s time to meet, ask Him! I’m sure He will answer you in the way that is most needed for you.

One might hypothesize that God hears all the requests, blesses and rescues from situations with no way out, but it concerns only those who are close to Him. Is it for sure? Let’s see what Saint John says about this, the beloved disciple of Jesus, the witness of those times, and the apostle who died as the last of the apostles: “And this is the confidence that we have in Him: if we ask for anything ac­cording to His will, He listens to us” (1 John 5:14). Here is the whole mystery! So we can now supplement our hypothesis by saying that God hears all requests, blesses and rescues from a situation of no return, doing so to those who are close to Him and when it is in ac­cord with His will. Knowing this explanation, do not be impatient and do not be surprised that God does not meet all our expecta­tions. Let’s not focus only on temporal things. If God thinks that something is needed, He will give us that. Probably in retrospect it will be easier for us to judge the situation. And if not – someday the Creator himself will answer why that was better.

Let us consider this example: Kate loves Peter, cannot imagine a life without him. She wants to be with Peter, but he does not pay attention to her. So she prays to God: “Lord, let me be Pe­ter’s wife and be happy with him.” God hears this prayer, he hears all our prayers. God knows the future and knows that Kate will not be happy with Peter, because he is not a good man and will not be able to fulfil her expectations. But the girl does not know that now. Such knowledge is, however, in our God Almighty. Kate feels a grudge towards God, asks: “Lord, why don’t you listen to my pleas?” God hears them, but cannot fulfil two requests at once, which are mutually exclusive: to be happy and at the same time to be with Peter. God is therefore executing His plan – He will make Kate happy and give her a husband, but it takes time. She will un­derstand this only in retrospect. After years, feeling good about her second half, she will find out (maybe from stories) how bad a husband for another woman Peter was. The trick is to entrust all requests to God and let Him decide how they are to be fulfilled. We should wait. Regardless of what happens and how it will happen. God will choose the best solution for us.

Let us now answer the question: when will God be with us? And when can He recognize us as those who have a sincere heart? The explanation can be found in the Holy Bible. There God gives us many promises. Examples from the Old Testament teach that when God gives a promise, He always keeps it. Let’s take a look at the history of ancient times, when the Israeli state was divided into two parts: northern – Israel and southern – Judah. It was a time when the southern land was falling, but the throne was still occupied by kings close to God. When the king of Judah was Asa, the prophet of God said to him, “Listen to me, Asa, Judah, and Ben­jamin! The Lord is with you when you are with Him. If you seek Him, He will allow you to find Him, but if you abandon Him, He will abandon you.” (2 Chronicles 15:2). What is the lesson coming from the above verse? God will bless us when we are with Him and when we seek Him with all our heart. And if we do not seek Him, what will He do? He will leave us. He will stop paying attention to us, because we have chosen to live life on our own. A life in which we have not left room for God. Then our fates will not be success­ful and will not be without unpleasant surprises. And even if we become rich and everything will be, at first glance, magnificent, in fact it will turn out to be quite different – we will not find happi­ness, and time will prove it. Turning our backs to God, we make Him – despite His strong love for us – to not impose His presence and His solutions. Then Satan begins to realize his own plans for us, so that we may move further away from God.

What was the future history of King Asa? The 16th chapter and the 2nd verse of the Book of Chronicles says that in the thirty sixth year of the reign of Asa, Baasha, king of Israel went up against Judah. Asa did not trust God and wanted to settle a truce in his own way. He bribed the Aramaic king against Baasha with gold and treasures raised from the temple. “Right about then, Hanani the seer came to King Asa of Judah and rebuked him. »Because you have put your trust in the king of Aram and have not relied on the Lord your God, the army of the king of Aram has escaped from your control. Weren’t the Ethiopians and the Libyans a vast army with many chariots and cavalry? Yet because you relied on the Lord, He gave them into your control! The Lord’s eyes keep on roaming throughout the earth, looking for those whose hearts completely belong to Him, so that He may strongly support them. But because you have acted foolishly in this, from now on you will have wars«” (2 Chronicles 16:7-9). God did not approve such behaviour.

Let us now look at another example – the life of Uzziah, the later king of Judah. “Uzziah was sixteen years old when he be­came king, and he reigned for 52 years in Jerusalem. His mother’s name was Jecholiah. She was from Jerusalem. He practiced what the Lord considered to be right, following the example set by his father Amaziah’s accomplishments. Uzziah kept on seeking God during the lifetime of Zechariah, who taught him how to fear God, and as long as he sought the Lord, God made him prosperous” (2 Chronicles 26:3-5). In this passage we find the answer about when God allows himself to be found and recognized as true Father. It is when we are looking for Him and want to know. It is when we want to be with Him and trust Him. Let’s see what else the Scrip­tures say about this: “But remember the Lord your God, because He is the One who gives you the ability to produce wealth, in order to confirm His covenant that He promised by an oath to your an­cestors, as is the case today. If you neglect the Lord your God, fol­low other gods, and serve and worship them, I testify to you today that you will certainly be destroyed. Just like the nations whom the Lord destroyed before you, so will you be destroyed, because you did not listen to the voice of the Lord your God” (Deuteronomy 8:18-20).

What does it mean to remember about God? What should we do to remember about Him? I have some tips for you:
– obey the commandments of God (you can find them here: Exodus 20);
– have contact with God;
– listen to superiors;
– live well with family;
– follow resting on the seventh day of the week;
– love your kin;
– do not be lazy, use every day well;
– be humble, get rid of pride and greed;
– imitate Jesus, study the Bible, read about Jesus, seek Him, be His disciple;
– be fair;
– live healthily (reject stimulants, introduce a healthy diet, practice sports);
– develop yourself;
– love your enemies;
– do not focus on the treasures of Earth.

But why is it so difficult to meet these conditions? If we are not in constant contact with Jesus, if our day does not begin with de­voting ourselves to Him, and only from the fast prayers like “Our Father,” “Lord, bless me” or “Make everything come true according to my thoughts” – because so often our prayers look like that – then what are we counting on? And where is the time to read the Bible, this guide telling us how we should live?

Maybe you do not feel it yet, because you see your end in thirty or fifty years. Only that you really do not know the day or the hour of the return of Jesus, or the date of your death. We do not consid­er how fast time passes. It is enough, however, to hang a counter at work or at home to measure the flow of our lives. If you are 40 now and the average lifespan is for example 60, you still have 20 years of existence. And that means about 1100 weeks. After some time it would have been 1050 weeks, then 999, 990, 950, etc… This way you would have noticed how fast life is running out and how little time is left to get to know God even better and to pass on this information to others. What is Jesus’ call? To spread the Gospel to other people. To bring Him, His character and the principles He left us in the Word of God closer to our kin. We should know the Gospel well and share it. Get to know Jesus on our own and then show Him to others through our behaviour and conduct. In four years, when you look at your counter, you would have only 900 weeks to live. And time continues to go by! Maybe thanks to you someone will be saved because he will accept Jesus to his heart?

Is it difficult to obey God’s commandments? This time God gives us an answer in Deuteronomy: “Indeed, these commands that I’m giving you today are neither confusing nor unattainable for you. They aren’t in the heavens, so you have to ask, »Who’ll go up to the heavens for us and get it for us so we can hear it and act on it?« And they aren’t beyond the seas either, so you have to ask, »Who’ll cross the sea and get it for us so we can hear it and act on it?« No, the word is very near you—it’s within your mouth and heart for you to attain. Look! Today I have set life before you and what is good, along with death and what is evil. That’s why I’m commanding you today to love the Lord your God by walking in His ways and by observing His commands, statutes, and ordi­nances, so that you may live long, increase, and so that the Lord your God may bless you in the land that you are about to enter to possess.” (Deuteronomy 30:11-16).

For other interesting promises that God left in the Scriptures it is worth drawing attention to the Book of Malachi: chapter 3, verse 10. Here, God emphasizes that if you care for His mission here on Earth, He will also open the sources of blessings for you. This pas­sage reads: “»Bring the entire tithe into the storehouse that there may be food in my house. So put me to the test in this right now«, says the Lord of the Heavenly Armies, »and see if I won’t throw open the windows of heaven for you and pour out on you blessing without measure.«” In December 2004, I decided to buy a car for my wife, which she would use to bring our child to a nursery in the winter. A friend suggested that he had such a car for us – an Opel Astra Combi, which he had just brought from the West, but now he does not need it, because he is leaving for holidays for a few weeks to Germany. He said, “Take it and if you like it keep it, and then I’ll split the price for you into interest-free instalments.” The car actu­ally was good and in January we decided that we would keep it. Af­ter returning, Krzysztof visited us without prior notice and offered to finalize the deal. He said: “Today you only pay 500 zlotys, and the remaining amount – as I mentioned – I will split into monthly payments for you.” At that time, I was giving tithes of my monthly profits, and that was about the amount I was planning to pay as a gift to the church. I had a choice, either buy the car and satisfy Krzysztof, or pay the tithe. I decided to be faithful to God’s com­mands and moved the deal with Krzysztof for next week. Krzysiek did not like it very much. I risked him thinking about it and tak­ing my car away. I remained loyal to my decision anyway. In the evening I went to give a certain amount of money to the church. First, I went to the Orlen gas station to refuel. I remember exactly: I put the envelope with the money on the seat and then started refuelling. When making the payment at checkout I learned that there is a competition in progress and one can win many attractive prizes. I received points for fuel, and I exchanged 200 points for a lottery scratch coupon. After removing the layer behind which there was the answer about my victory prize, I saw the words: You won a Mercedes! I was in shock. I made a phone call to my wife right away with this information, but she did not want to believe. I completed the formalities at the gas station and got back to the car. The tithe envelope was lying next to me, on the seat. I thanked God for the blessing I received. It was a confirmation to me that I had made the right choice that day. We won the car we had since driven happily for a few years. Since then, I have always tried to pay tithes, and God has made me financially successful. Then I no­ticed a relation: if one month I forgot about or delayed giving a gift to God, I was beginning to have problems with financial liquidity. Today I’m sure it was not a coincidence. I encourage you to check it by yourself. God in the passage quoted above says directly: “»So put me to the test (…),« says the Lord of the Heavenly Armies, »and see if I won’t throw open the windows of heaven for you and pour out on you blessing without measure«” (Malachi 3:10). So go on, and experience God.

If you do not go to church, if you do not know how and where to give God a tenth of your profits, you can support evangelistic projects, such as this book. It is easiest to spend that money on the Holy Bible and hand it over to those who do not yet have it. You will participate in the global mission of God.

God tells us that fulfilling His requirements is neither too dif­ficult nor too great for us, and He is not too high and too far away from us. (If you want to see for yourself, see: Deuteronomy 30:11- 16). So often we forget about communication with Heaven, already from habit, thinking: “Yesterday I did not call my colleague and nothing happened. Today I will not speak to the Lord, and also, nothing will happen.” We do not even think like that. We just com­pletely forget to call our Father. We forget because contact with Him is not our priority. Satan is just waiting for such situations to break our habit of systematic contact with God. How extremely sad is God! If only we knew how damaging it is to spend even one day without Jesus, we could avoid so many mistakes, troubles, and even tragedies of life. If you count on God’s blessing… become first the true child of God, and then, as the promise of Jesus says, you will be able to move mountains (Matthew 17:20).
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Wojciech Orzechowski